Pillidge News 2008

Beer tasting trip to Ghent. Now we know why Belgians are all a bit crazy.

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Mountain biking in France – Andy and ‘The Sunday Cyclists’ found some beautiful places to mend punctures not far from Limoges.

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Andy and Lynda both turned 50, and belatedly celebrated 25 years of marriage.

Zoe survived the Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition.

We saw Jools Holland playing in Hampton Court Palace, with Andrew & Maria the back-door neighbours. You absolutely must have quails eggs with celery salt in your next picnic. Gorgeous!

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Katie had a holiday in Ibiza. Luckily we do not have any photographs.
George and Sheila Robinson had a Golden Wedding anniversary in our garden.

Zoe passed grade 6 saxophone, with a Merit. We were deeply impressed, and she was rather surprised.

New diesel Mini, made in Oxford. She was christened ‘Zippy.’ Good solid British engineering.

German student Noemie came to stay for two weeks and admire the good solid British engineering.

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Andy was the 10th fastest gorilla out of 700+ in the Great Gorilla Run, and got a chance to grunt at Bill Oddie on the finish line.

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Corpus Christi benefactors dinner. Our contemporary Steve Bailey tragically died of a heart attack this year. He was fondly remembered at Corpus. The traditional toast ‘to absent friends’ has never been more poignant.

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Andy’s motorbike hasn’t moved so much this year.
Our holiday in Gozo (Malta) was wonderful. Lots of fantastic things to see. Serious damage to the Pillidge carbon footprint.

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Katie moved into a student house in Nottingham.
Andy set a 20-year personal best half marathon time in Nottingham.

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Katie did well enough to switch to the four-year neuroscience course.
The Lyons visited all the way from Australia for a picnic in rowing boat beside the tranquility of the M25.

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We saved a bloke who was apparently having a heart attack in a flower bed during the Guidlford High School carol concert.
Collectively we are 135 years old.
It has been great to see so many long-standing friends this year at various events. Lots of photos are available on www.flickr.com/photos/pillidgea

May we wish you all a Happy Christmas and a happy and healthy 2009!

Andy, Lynda, Katie, & Zoe