CBGM Online

Word From The Bike Shed

Dear All,

The pressure for the next edition of the CBGM has been almost overwhelming. I say almost because, as you can tell, I've been able to resist for some time now. I am still unable to deliver a printed Cyclist Boozing Gazette Monthly, but behind the scenes my will is actually crumbling. This website is an electric version of the CBGM, admittedly a poor shadow of the original well-hard copy newsletter, but nevertheless an actual production of the renowned chronicle. Have a browse around, but please come back regularly - we have lots planned for the future of the CBGM: competitions, games, more photos, more archive material, and customisation with the unique My CBGM service.

I think the thing that has finally galvanised me into this production is the fantastic two weekends just passed. First we had the boys cycling pub crawl stag night - a first for CPCs - followed by Chopper and Sue's wedding: a magnificent barn dance with historic CPC-and-other photo album, with a 66% turnout of the Roving Skullwanglers performing 100% of their current repertoire.

As you might have suspected, much of the material for CBGM's was invented. I am delighted to report that I have been inundated with material supplied by many other contributors, and not so delighted to report that I've erased the electic contributions by accident. Never mind - it will be rewritten or reinvented - whichever comes first.

Happy Cycloboozing Everybody!