That Was Just The Intro

That was all the intro, all we could fit in so
Now weíve started on verse one
When you hear the first verse, then for better or worse
Genírally the songís begun

Now the tune has changed and this partís been arranged to
Show the vocal range of all who sing it
High notes here and low notes there
Now verse two can begin

If youíve been expecting lyrics for reflecting
Iím afraid these arenít that sort
No biting social comment hardly any content
Nothing to provoke much through

On the other hand theyíre quaint in their own way and
Nine times out to ten they rhyme or try to
When they donít it doesnít matter
No-one really minds

Sorry thta the words now really are absurd how
Great it would be if they werenít
Just ignore the meter, listen to the geetar
Rhymingís something Iíve not learnt

This verse not the past one, is I think the last one
Itís a not so fast one, weíll slow down now
Time to pause and take a breath
A major chord to end